Today, Ephraim and Caleb went with Christian, an older neighbor friend, to another neighbor’s home across the street and asked if they could rake leaves.  The neighbor gave them the job.  It was fun watching the boys work together as a team. However, they had a hard time staying focused.  I thought to myself, “This is definitely a step in the right direction. One step closer to them moving out of my home and making lives for themselves.”  After about 15 minutes of work (more like random moments of kinetic energy), the neighbor came out and paid them for their time and effort.  Ephraim and Caleb ran from across the street yelling, “Mom! Mom! Look!”  They both showed me the quarter they had just received.  Then Ephraim shouted, “WE’RE RICH!!! WE’RE RICH!!!”

Yeah, baby steps in the right direction ;-D