Here is a list of curriculum I used for my oldest son Ephraim for 1st Grade.  Ephraim still has a little bit of Sensory Integration Disorder, but maybe in another year he’ll outgrow it.  Now he’s mature enough to receive 20 minute lessons and complete many assignments on his own.  Of course, we still have occasional meltdowns about every 3 days.

Ephraim finished the curriculum for the following subjects.  I’ve given each curriculum a grade based on how it worked for me teaching it and Ephraim learning it.


Growing With Grammar – Grade 1 by Tamela Davis


I absolutely love this curriculum because it’s designed by a homeschooling mom who knows first hand the limited time stay-at-home moms with other children have.  The lessons are brief, very easy to understand, and designed in a way where the child can really teach him/herself.  It’s set up for you to teach 3 lessons per week for the entire school year with reviews.  If you buy the Student Tests, there are 8 to administer.  I bought the complete set (Student Workbook, Workbook Answer Key, & Student Tests) which cost me about $17.  Also, the Student Workbook is spiral bound across the top which makes it easy to photocopy for multiple use.



Primary Mathematics 1A & 1B & by Cavendish


Since Ephraim did so well with this curriculum in Kindergarten, I decided to use it again for 1st Grade.  This curriculum is just the right level for him.  They do a great job building on concepts instead of straight repetition all the time.  Don’t get me wrong; repetition has it’s place, but having been a math tutor for several years, I must say it’s best for every student to have a deep understanding of the concepts and methods first.  It helps to build logic, which is needed for higher math.



Beginning Geography K-2 by Evan-Moor


Ephrain is naturally talented when it comes to knowing his directions when we’re out driving.  Therefore, I gave him a full geography curriculum this year.  I figured it would help better prepare him for a history curriculum for 2nd Grade.  It’s hard to learn history when you don’t understand geography and different places in the world.  Beginning Geography goes over three main subjects:

  • Map Skills
  • Landforms & Bodies of Water
  • Continents & Oceans

This curriculum has a lot of nice pictures that makes it easy for children to grasp the concepts being taught.  There are cut-out and coloring projects in each section.  Two large full-color posters of land forms and continents & oceans are also included.



A Reason for Handwriting – Manuscript A by Concerned Group


I bought this workbook thinking it would be good for Ephraim to practice his handwriting while learning scriptures at the same time.  The lessons didn’t  make sense to me and Ephraim hated doing them.  The assignments are to trace random scripture words and scripture passages from the Old Testament.  The scripture passages were too hard for Ephraim to understand and tracing the scripture words were boring to him.  At the end of the workbook there are blank practice pages with random drawings on them.  The drawings didn’t go with the passages given.  …good concept but this curriculum just didn’t gel together.



Start Up Science by Godfrey Hall


There isn’t much to say about this curriculum.  It was basic, easy for Ephraim to understand and included colorful illustrations and scientific experiments for him to work on.  This is a good curriculum for beginning scientists.



Essential Elements 2000 for Strings – Violin Book 1 by Allen, Gillespie & Hayes


Ephraim continued with this book and still loves playing the violin with the CD.  He also started playing songs in the Suzuki Book but didn’t get far enough for me to include it this year.




Geography from A to Z by Jack Knowlton


Voyages in English – Grade 1 by Loyola Press