This page is intended for homeschoolers to learn and get information on how teach a kindergartner about plants.


Flower Patterns.  Paste the flower center to the flower petal pattern.  Attach the flower to a strip of green poster board.  Paste on the green leaves and display on the board.Click to print *

 – each project is designed to be 20 minutes or less

  From Seed to Flower

What You’ll Need: crayons, scissors & glue.Talk about how a seed grows into a flower.  Have your child color the worksheet, cut out the pictures and assemble them with glue.

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  Bean Project

What You’ll Need: medium glass jar, 5-7 white paper towels, 2-4 pinto beans & water.
Stuff paper towels in a glass jar.  Slide beans down into the glass jar making sure they are visible.  Pour enough water onto paper towels so they are damp.  Observe the beans growth over the next two weeks. 

  Growing a Flower – Sequence Cards

What You’ll Need: construction paper, colored pencils, scissors & glue.
Talk about the basic steps of growing a plant.  Have your child identify the correct sequence on the worksheet and then color it. Cut out pictures and glue them in the correct order on construction paper.

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  Draw a Flower

What You’ll Need: Crayons, paper & scissors
Cut out the 6 steps for drawing a flower.  Have your child draw one step at a time and then color the flower.

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  Corn Seed Project

Similar to the Bean Project except you use corn kernels and a plastic bag instead of beans and a jar.

  Leaf Rubbings

What You’ll Need: 3-5 leaves, paper & crayons.
Take a walk around the neighborhood with your child and collect 3-5 different kind of leaves.  Once home, place leaves vein side up on the table.  Cover with paper and color to create a rubbing of each leaf.

  Craft Stick Tree Project

What You’ll Need: wax paper, popsicle sticks, brown paint, felt, scissors, card stock paper, glue & crayons.Work on wax paper.  Break popsicle sticks into different sizes and paint them brown.  Form a tree with sticks, glue together and let dry. Cut out leaf shapes with felt and glue them onto the tree branches.  Once dry, glue entire tree to paper and color a background scene.


Harry P. Leu Gardens.  Features paved scenic walkways that take you through fifty acres of southern styled gardens.  The Mission of Harry P. Leu Gardens is to inspire people to appreciate and understand plants, the environment of Central Florida and the Gardens’ historic significance.


Planting a Rainbowby Lois Ehlert.  A story about growing a colorful flower garden each year.

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting.  Follow a little girl as she grows a surprise garden for a special someone.


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